Blue Squizz

Having started with portrait photography as a hobby, I soon found myself taking it more seriously and in turn people taking me more seriously.

I started using the name "Blue Squizz" as it was anonymous & meaningless.  Something I could use to explore different avenues of photography  until I found my style and main interests.

I guess I am still experimenting and finding my style, however now photography is more than a hobby & it now feels time to put my name to it.

Blue squizz served me well for almost 3 years & with almost 700 Facebook likes on the dedicated page there are at least a few fans of the Blue Squizz style.  I've also met some fantastic creative people many of who i now consider friends.

But from now on this new site will lead the way with my photography in a more commercial and professional way.

So now it's Jason Jobling.  My real name.   Nothing to hide behind!!!   :)